Veg Out Community Gardens

St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia

Plot maintenance

Vegie plots
Veg Out comprises 145 garden plots as well as communal spaces. Ten plots are held by local community groups and the remainder by private individuals. Private plotholders pay a 6 monthly fee of $4/m2 or $2.5/m2 concession. Once allocated, the plot becomes the responsibility of the plotholder.

Most plot holders grow vegetables and herbs, but flowers and art work are also popular. Colourful letterboxes feature prominently in many plots.


Maintaining your plot
We occupy public land and have a responsibility to look after it. For this reason neglected plots are re-allocated after appropriate consideration. This policy ensures that the waiting list to get a plot is kept to a minimum and that public access is maximized. New plot holders are given a 3 month probation period. The Veg Out Committee includes a Plot Monitor whose task is to ensure that plots are used and well tended.

Maintaining your plot borders is also important. Please ensure that no broken wood, fence posts or storage items block up pathways and cause hazards to others.


We usually have two or three different compost heaps on the go at any one time, and every month these need to be turned and processed. Fruit and vegies go in the box and plot waste goes in the end pile. The other piles are maturing – look at the sign to see the status and if they’re ready for use.

Always remember our composting motto: ‘Stop Think Chop’. All compost must be chopped or broken up to ensure that it breaks down properly.